The Drive

Immediately the Spirit drove Him into the wilderness. Mark 1:12

As you get up and plan each day, your tasks often involve driving. Recently my wife drove our granddaughter to an orthodontist appointment.
Our daughter drove our grandson to meet with his other grandmother.
This Sunday I’ll drive Linda and Haylee to meet with Jeff and Lindsey, so they can stay a week with them.
I’ll drive myself to work this morning.
It seems life consist of driving many places. Sometimes you drive yourself. Sometimes you drive another. And there are times someone drives you.

There’s a different kind of driving I want you to think about. As the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness, where is God driving you today?

One thought on “The Drive

  1. Long time ago I learned I got exactly what I had ask for. I just didn’t know it would be different from my thinking. The longer I’m in it the more I need His wisdom… I had thought it would get easier. From the fire to the lions den to the mire, to walking on dry ground where there should be deep mud…to walking on water. No matter what He is my strength & He gets

    me through.


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