Change your mind – change your day

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. Col 3:2

What is foremost on your mind today?
You have things to do at work or around the house. Maybe you’re making plans for the weekend or next week.
The Bible encourages you to concentrate on today! It’s fine to plan for tomorrow or next week but don’t let it make you miss today.

The things you think about today are subject to change tomorrow, next week, or next month.
There is something common about today, tomorrow, or next week – you!
You are common to these times through the plans you make.
God is also common to these times. He is eternal with more insights into tomorrow than you.
It seems the two of you should get together.

Wake up everyday and place your first thoughts of the day on God.
Ask Him, “Lord, what would You have me do today?”
Praise Him for leading you throughout the day.
You will begin to experience a great change in your life as you seek God’s direction for you!

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