Memorable Scripture: A respect of God gives life and brings a blessing.

Therefore God dealt well with the midwives, and the people multiplied and grew very mighty.  And so it was, because the midwives feared God, that He provided households for them. Exodus 1:20-21

Pharaoh wanted all newborn males killed but the midwives devised a plan to prevent it from happening. They simply delayed their arrival until after the birth.
They feared God and respected life more than fearing Pharaoh and profiting from death.
As a result, Go blessed the midwives.

A nation that respects life is blessed. A nation that profits from death and has so little respect and honor so as to murder innocents is a nation on the brink of judgment and wrath.
It is a nation selling its soul for a failing economic future.

Since the legalization of abortion in the U.S., sixty million children have died.
That’s 60,000,000 adults that won’t live prosperous lives; 60,000,000 not in the military, police force, finding a cure for cancer, or preaching the Gospel.
There are 60,000,000 not paying taxes or social security.

It’s not about the money or careers – it’s 60,000,000 that never felt the love of their mother. 60,000,000 that never experienced the breath of life. 60,000,000 never getting an opportunity to experience the grace of God and salvation, although I believe all 60,000,000 are with Him now.

You and I missed out on meeting someone new. We missed out on a son-in-law or a doctor. We missed the blessing of watching an actress or reading a great author.

Our country missed out on very many things because of the decision to abort sixty million unborn children.
If we could but dare eliminate abortion I believe we would see a resurgence of God’s blessings on our country.

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