Memorable Scripture: Contend, Curse, Struck, & Pull Hair

So I contended with them and cursed them, struck some of them and pulled out their hair, and made them swear by God, saying, “You shall not give your daughters as wives to their sons, nor take their daughters for your sons or yourselves.” Nehemiah 13:25

This is one scripture I remember reading well.
I believe Nehemiah just had enough of the ungodly, unscriptural actions of his people.

The high priest had aligned himself with the enemy and actually gave Tobiah a room in the Temple.
The treatment of the Sabbath day and now the intermarrying with idolatrous people led Nehemiah to get physical.
More amazing is his reference to King Solomon as a great king but with an evil, sexual spirit that caused him to sin and eventually divided the nation after his death.

It disturbed Nehemiah that Sanballat the Horonite, a man against Nehemiah and the rebuilding of Jerusalem, was a member of the high priest’s family.
Nehemiah said, “I drove him from me.” Nehemiah 13:28

It’s not popular thought to discriminate against people, yet everyone discriminates to some degree every day. You have your favorite restaurant, gas station, TV show, store, and even church that you attend.
When someone says, “I hate Walmart! I never step foot inside!” then isn’t this discrimination?

Like Nehemiah, the church must use discretion within. The church should not discriminate at who can come to church – it’s open to all. But pastors and church leaders must discriminate with who speaks, performs, helps, and the use of the facilities.

Thus I cleansed them of everything pagan. Nehemiah 13:30

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