Memorable Scripture: Read the Light

Psalms 119:105
Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path.

The first act of creation, beyond the heaven’s and the earth, was light. Light dispels darkness. It provides a means to see. Most light sources provide some type of warmth.
For David, light came from fire, the sun, the moon, and stars.
Light today comes from the same sources with many additional man-made inventions over the years.
When you walk into a dark room you reach over to turn on the light switch. When you go out at night you carry a flashlight or use the light on your phone.
That light provides you to see a safe path.
This exactly describes God’s word. It provides a safe path for you to see.
Its light reveals your sin, that you otherwise would not know existed.
The more you read God’s word, the brighter the light shines and the safer your path becomes.
Read the light.

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