Memorable Scripture: Peace, Be Still

Matthew 8:26
Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.

No one can calm a storm. The disciples believed it. Quite a few of them knew the sea and they knew sailing. They had the knowledge to handle the boat and guide it to safety.
But not this night.
The storm got the best of all of them and they were afraid.
They woke Jesus up and moaned and groaned.
According to another Gospel account, He spoke three words – “Peace, be still!”
I have spoken the words Jesus used on the storm “Peace, be still!”
I witnessed the storm ceasing – dying out!
It’s the power of faith and the faith of words.
Jesus commands us to speak blessings to those that persecute or curse us.
When you have turmoil in your life rebuke the turmoil and speak, “Peace, be still!”
If your marriage is heading on the rocks, speak, “Peace, be still!”
No matter the storm you face, speak, “Peace, be still!”

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