Memorable Scripture: The Tanner

Acts 9:43
So it was that [Peter] stayed many days in Joppa with Simon, a tanner.

The first time I read Acts this verse stuck out to me. It comes up again in the next chapter about Simon being a tanner.
Why is that significant?
Years ago I did some digging and found a tanner is considered an unclean, loathsome profession by the Jews.
For Peter to stay with one shows a breakdown of tradition in his heart, which prepares him for what is about to happen next.
It should be a lesson to the rest of us not to take the tradition taught to us by church doctrine to overrule what God says in His word.
Compare what you know and what you are taught to the truth of God’s word.
Indeed, many things taught in church is absolute truth based on the absolute truth of God’s word.
But just as in Judaism, church traditions are drilled into us and many taught as absolute truth, when it’s merely opinion.
Perhaps the tanner was considered an unclean occupation but those calling it such did not mind buying tanned hides for clothing, rugs, or other household uses.

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