Memorable Scripture: Large Letters

Galatians 6:11
See with what large letters I have written to you with my own hand!

The first time I read this I had to read a commentary to find out what Paul meant by this.
No one agrees.
Some believe he had an eye disease, using Galatians 4:16 to back this up. This disease is his “thorn in the flesh” as he struggled with seeing, therefore, he wrote in huge letters so he could see it himself.
Others believe it was the length of the letter he was referencing.
I believe it’s the importance of the message.
That’s pure speculation on my part and it comes from one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
One of the most famous signatures is still used today to tell others to sign something – “Just putyour John Hancock on the contract!”
It is one of the most prominent signatures on the document.
John is said to have signed it so large so “King George can read it without his spectacles!”
If true, John wanted to leave no doubt in the tyrants mind about independence for the colonies and their defiance of his rule.
Perhaps Paul wants to indicate his own defiance against those bringing this false gospel to Galatia.
He thought it was very important for them to understand the danger of departing from the truth that he wrote the letter himself in large, important script.
This is still an important message today and the danger of false gospels is more prevalent than ever before.
Ministers of the true Gospel need to speak up in “large letters” and proclaim Jesus as the only way, truth, and life!

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