Memorable Scripture: Kind words.

Ephesians 4:29
Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.

There is a verse of scripture given by Jesus that says to bless and do not curse.
It goes hand in hand with this scripture.
I believe words can hurt others.
Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones. Prov 16:24
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Prov 25:11
A harsh word stirs up anger. Prov 15:1
By your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned. Matt 12:37
If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body. James 3:2

So, be careful what you say today.
Let your words be seasoned with grace to encourage others.

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