I C U need Jesus

Matt 9:12 Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.

What can go wrong with the human body?
The list is seemingly limitless.
Pulmonary, vascular, nervous system and organ failure are just a few things that can go wrong.
Disease, bacteria, and viruses can attack a single place and cause failure in multiple.
Linda and I have been with my mom in ICU for almost a week while the doctors do this and that to figure out what is wrong.
Is it heart blockage?
Is it heart failure?
Do you do a heart cath, pacemaker, an ablation, or can you control it with medicine?
These are all questions asked as today we continue to seek an answer and a cure.
A week in ICU will not come cheap. Not to mention she will get a room after leaving it with continued monitoring of her condition.
What can go wrong with the human soul?
Oh! Just one thing – sin!
But no human doctor, medicine, or machine can cure the human condition of sin.
Physicians, psychiatrists, mechanics, and even preachers cannot remove it.
Only one sure cure for sin exists and it did not come cheap.
It is the blood of Jesus!
He gave it all for the remission of our sins.
An untreated disease or condition may kill you.
Sin will kill you!
But there is a simple cure.
I C U need Jesus!

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