The death of Death

1 Cor 15:26 The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.

Death has been very busy lately.
Many families were visited by death over the past year or so.
His influence has touched ours too.
Just this summer death came for an 82-year-old, a 49-year-old, a 40-year-old, and a 26-year-old.
Those are just the ones I know personally.
Death also claimed those I did not know from 2 months to 100 years.
He respects no one.
It doesn’t matter your politics, age, race, gender, or religion.
But death has no firm grip on those believing in Jesus Christ because He, alone, defeated death.
And death is in His crosshairs!
It is a sure thing death will continue to hurt families – even yours will be affected by death.
But keep in mind he is defeated and the day comes when Jesus will banish him into the lake of fire.

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