Pride and Lies

Ps 119:69 The proud have forged a lie against me,

Why would the proud forge a lie?
Because the proud want power and control over others.
I have strong opinions about the current pandemic, although I freely admit I am not a virologist or medical doctor.
I am well versed in God’s word and I know what it says about people.
People are sinful, depraved, self-seeking, and prideful.
Without Christ, there is no hope for mankind against these things.
I do not believe we are told the total truth about the current disease.
I do believe there is a conspiracy and a coverup.
You may think our leaders and top scientists would not do this but history teaches us about the atrocities of otherwise “good people”.
If you think past atrocities will never be repeated, then you do not know human nature of the proud – those wanting power and control over others.
The greatest weapon of pride is fear.
Fear controls others.
With this said please continue to pray for those affected by the disease and to pray for the prosperity of the gospel of Christ to the salvation of those needing it.

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