No Shame (in love and mercy)

Rom 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,

Am I ashamed of the gospel of Christ?
I want to say absolutely not!
But then, what exactly is shame?
Is it timidity at talking with someone about Christ?
Maybe it is hesitation at praying in front of others, no matter the cause or need.
Perhaps a reluctance to stand up to sin.
The world has Christian’s shell shocked to do certain things for fear of being called judgmental.
Do we stand up and say something to someone taking God’s name in vain or cursing in front of our family.
Do we contest abortion, adultery, fornication, or homosexuality all as sin?
I feel each follower of Christ should represent Christ as Christ represented God.
His love for people helped them overcome their sins by faith through grace.
He did not condemn and His judgment was tendered with mercy.
In this, there is no shame.