No Regret

1 Cor 4:14 I do not write these things to shame you, but as my beloved children I warn you.

I am sure not everyone is happy with me.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, our church has live-streamed the sermon and weekly Bible study.
Even years before that, since 2008, I have written a daily scripture-infused blog.
The word of God makes most people very uncomfortable.
No one likes being told they are mistaken, wrong, or sinful.
The Bible is very convicting on the unrepentant.
But the Bible wants to be convincing to the unrepentant about God’s love for everyone and His distaste of sin.
I have studied, taught, and preached the Bible since 1977.
To warn of God’s judgment on sin just as I was also warned.
I do not preach or teach to shame others in their actions but to warn them of the consequences of those actions.
I just want you to have the opportunity I had – to accept Jesus as Savior.
I have no regrets.
You will not regret it either.

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