Give Thanks

1 Chron 16:34 Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

It is Thanksgiving week but every day is a day to give thanks to the Lord.
First, because He is good.
In Him is no sin and the Creator does no wrong.
Give thanks for His mercy.
Without it there is no hope for any of us. But His mercy gives grace to pass over our sins through the blood of Christ.
Give thanks because of His endurance.
There are some people I struggle with enduring. They can wear me down.
Not God! We can never weary Him because He endures.
Finally, give thanks because He is eternal.
Nothing lasts in this life.
Not the life of your friends and family.
Not your vehicle.
Not your home.
Not your president.
But God does not grow old, break down, rust, or go away.
And the salvation He offers is as eternal as He is.
Give thanks!

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