A Proverb for Today

Prov 18:17 The first one to plead his cause seems right, until his neighbor comes and examines him.

I was doing show prep for next week’s radio show and adding Proverbs to the lineup.
I came upon this verse that caused me to stop and think.
I don’t recall reading it before.
Better yet, I never paused and thought about it.
How true this nugget of wisdom for today.
Anyone can claim anything they want to but under cross-examination from someone else that also has some knowledge of the subject, things may change.
I think this scripture is important to use in the discovery of false prophets or errant teachers.
Someone can claim that God said this or that but does it cross-examine with God’s word.
Too many are willing to accept the word of a minister without examining it for themselves.
It’s easy not to do anything when a minister spouts Hebrew word here and Greek word there.
Languages we don’t understand seem daunting to try and define.
So it’s just easier to believe the minister.
It is important to seek the truth yourself.
If it agrees with the minister, you do well.
If not…