A Good Christian Man

Ps 139:1-2 O Lord, You have searched me and known me. You know my sitting down and my rising up; You understand my thought afar off.

I had the privilege growing up of being close to both sets of grandparents.
When my parents worked I would find myself spending the day with either grandmother.
We often took trips to see my great-grandparents, my grandmother’s parents on my mom’s side.
There was (and still is) a couple of family reunions every year and I met great uncles and aunts, cousins, cousins, and cousins.
I remember my grandmother telling me who was who and my relation to them.
It was quite confusing and times because so many are double kin to me.
For instance, my grandmother’s grandmother is the sister of my grandfather’s grandfather.
This is not a unique example; the entire family is made up of relationships like this.
I only understand it when I look at the family tree.
Yet, God has searched me and known me.
He knew all my days and all those before me.
Relatives I cannot find, He already knows about and saw all their days.
While others can look back and say they are related to a signer of the Declaration or kin to European royalty, I can think of nothing better for my descendants to say of me than I was a good Christian man.

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