What do you want Me to do for you?

So Jesus stood still and called them, and said, “What do you want Me to do for you?” Matt 20:32

This question was asked to two blind men. Can you guess their response?

That’s an easy answer. They’re blind and want their eyes opened so they can see.

They didn’t ask for impractical things. They didn’t ask for a new car or a large home.
Their request wasn’t for great riches or three meals a day.
They didn’t ask out of excess – they asked out of honest need.

What do you want from Jesus?

Some want healing, while others may want a job or better marriage. Someone might want a blessing for some homeless person or salvation for a family member.

Still there are those that want God to help them win the lottery, promising to give a portion back to Him.

Jesus granted the blind men their request and it says,

they followed Him. Matt 20:34

They had already declared that Jesus was the “Son of David”, that is, the Messiah!

They believed in Christ, the Savior.

Though after this story nothing more is said of these two men, I am willing to believe they spent their days declaring what Jesus had done for them.

You can do the same thing today – declare what Jesus has done for you!
It’s not so much what the Savior can do for you, but what He has already done!

Abba, I too often forget the many, many blessings I have. I will speak of Your great goodness toward me. In Jesus name, YES&AMEN

I can see!

I finally made an appointment with the optometrist! My eyes have changed slightly so I am getting new frames and lenses.

When the doc was checking my eyes he wanted to see what my vision was without glasses. So he projected the big, big letters on the wall and asked me if I could read them.

I asked him, “What wall?”

Yes, I am nearsighted and would not dare do anything, like driving, without my glasses.

“There is no fear of God before their eyes.” Rom 3:18

But my physical eyesight is not in proportion with my spiritual sight. Even if I were blind I would still believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Even with perfect vision, I would still trust Him to supply my needs.

Nearsighted, farsighted, or astigmatism has no effect in changing how I see God.

With Him,

we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7-8

Abba, I am thankful for optometrists that can help me see better. I ask that You bless me more to be a spiritual optometrist so I may help others see You better. In Jesus name, YES&AMEN