It's Siesta Time

A town in Germany has discovered that sleeping while at work has increased worker efficiency.
The small town of Vechta which is situated southwest of Hamburg, have allowed the workers to take a nap for 20 minutes.
They can go home or doze off at work after lunch.
“In the beginning employees were skeptical about the project, but then they were happier and they started working better.” said a town spokesman.
This project started because their was a lot of work that needed to be done and not enough employees, so they received a course from the local health insurance company on napping.

The word “nap” seems to come from the Middle English word nappen, meaning “to doze,” which comes from the Old English world hnappian, and which means the same thing.
The Old English version of nap is a word of common origin with the Old High German word hnaffezen (among other variants), and the Middle High German nafzen, meaning slumber, rest or sleep.
Now that you know what the origin of the nap is, here are my thoughts on the story:
First, do you really need a course on napping?
Most of us should remember how to nap since we were forced to do it in pre-k, kindergarten, and by parents that didn’t want to be bothered by us for an hour or two.
So, why not just close your eyes and let it happen.
Second, I happen to agree with the principle. If a person gets sleepy at work they are not going to be productive, just dopey.
A quick power-nap could get them back in shape for the rest of the day.
I speak from experience but don’t tell my boss!

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