Are You Having Seconds?

It’s been a while since melamine has been in the news so I thougth I’d bring it up.
We’ve heard about it in the dog food, cat food, and then in the milk products of Asian children.
But did you know that you’ve probably have had a meal off of a plate made out of the stuff?
I’d forgotten about that until Linda brought it up and said, “Weren’t those dishes that grandma had made out of melamine?”
I believe she’s right!
In fact, my grandma also had dishes made out of melamine.
These were the first “wonder dishes”!
You could drop them, accidentally slide one off the table, or toss one across the room like a frisbee and it wouldn’t break.
That doesn’t mean they’re unbreakable but certainly more durable than the good china.
But melamine plates predate the microwave, which could probably warp the plastic into some weird shape and make grandma drop her false teeth.
And since the material was covered by some as-yet-unknown-to-me coating, they were probably safe to eat off of.
I’ve yet to discover some side effect on myself from having eaten fried chicken and mashed potatoes off of a melamine plate at the age of 6.
So far, so good.
Of course we weren’t eating the plates either or grinding them up to sprinkle in our milk.
I guess people were a bit smarter back when grandma was in control of the kitchen.

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