Black Friday, Good Friday

morning thoughts

Morning thoughts from Pastor Tim

Good Morning!

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

standing_in_line_list_viewIt’s Black Friday and I’m at home!
Linda and I did the BF-thingy a few years ago, getting up at 4am (nothing unusual about that) to go to Wal-mart (nothing unusual about that either) and stand in line with 500 other people (very unusual).
The item we went for, a TV, was stack three high, in a double row for 50 feet down the center aisle.
Two days later many of those TV’s were still there at the same price we bought it so early that Friday 42-18564595morning.
It seems we could have just meandered later in the day or weekend and got that “good deal” on the TV.
Our discussion yesterday was about a member of the family going to a store at 1am to try and get 1 of 15 tickets for a good deal on a laptop computer. The store would not open until 5am.
Stand in line for 4 hours! Not me!
There is no deal worth that.
The thing about these stores is they could make these deals at regular hours.
What if God had a Black Friday?
What if one day a year He offered salvation at 2am and only for the first 20 in line, would you make it?
The deal is already set but you can get it at any time… for now!
jesus-returnsThe real deal is He is coming back to get those that have already stood in line, He will come again but not to deal with our sins again. This time he will bring salvation to all those who are eagerly waiting for him. Heb 9:28
This is one of those “deals of a lifetime” and many will miss out.
Salvation for someone today could make this Good Friday.
Don’t put off salvation too long!

What about you?
Did you get up early to catch a Black Friday deal?
Tell me your story!

7 thoughts on “Black Friday, Good Friday

  1. Well, it’s not like I am not usually awake at that hour! I would never wait in line for any deal the stores offer. The older I get the less likely that is. I have been known to go to Walmart, see that the store is full which makes me thing the registers are going to be full as well. I turn around and go somewhere else!.
    There is no place else to get a deal like the one Jesus gave us,too bad more people won’t take THAT deal!


  2. Good Morning PT, not me! I have never gone the day after Thanksgiving, it is just too hectic for me, and people are so rude, plus the crowds, I am content to stay home, and go later. I know some of my family were going at 4:00 am this morning,……me, I was sound asleep at 4:00am! It dissapoints me, the way they have commerciailzed Christmas, and completely taken Christ out of it, like the carol says, “Let’s Put Christ Back into Christmas this year” Have a blessed day, love and blessings, Pat


  3. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I’m sure not gonna stand in line to get into a store on Black Friday. In fact, I’ve never gone shopping on that day. Like Pat said, too crowded and too many rude people. I got the best deal ever when I became a Christian, and best of all is that I don’t have to worry about a warranty running out, LOL! The Gift I got is good for a lifetime and beyond, Praise God!


  4. Well I actually got up at 5:45 AM to take my son to the Coast Guard Recruiting office. Then his recruiting officer called and said she was running late~an hour late. We got up early because we thought we would hit the black friday shoppers. Narriy a one in site. we were an hour early. Unfortunately, he cut his hand out hunting and his departure is being pushed back yet again.
    But otherwise, I would have been snug as a bug in my bed not out shopping.


  5. I can remember when I was younger (much younger), getting off work about 12:00 and spending a couple of hours in Walmart before I went home. That was when I lived 5-10 minutes from walmart not 30-40 minutes from everythnig. But I can’t remeber standing in line for anything on BF or anyother day. But I would stand in any line for any lenght of time if I had to to get the Gift of Life, thank God, I don’t have to.


  6. Amen to your blog on black Friday sir. It is a very good thing God didn’t do that with salvation! Glory to God! I would like to take this oppertunity to invite you to my website. I think you would be a great addition. Feel free to give it a look any time. God Bless looking forward to seeing you there!


  7. We were visiting family in McAllen over the weekend and they wanted to get up at 4am to go get the deals. I elected to stay in bed having gone through one of these days in the past. Good memory…
    They went there and most of the Valley and half of Mexico were lined up at the Wally. They said the line looked something like a hurricane evacuation on foot so they bailed out and came back home to bed.
    I was happy to have been the only one in the house to get a good night sleep.
    Rather than celebrate our good deals of the day, we all went Geocaching! :o)


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