The Truth Sounds Better

morning thoughts

Morning thoughts from Pastor Tim

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

broken-foot1I met a lady yesterday on crutches with a broken foot so I asked her what happened.
“Do you want the made up, embellished version or the truth?” she said.
I told her to start with the made up story.
She told of going to Montana for Christmas and skiing on the slopes.
On one run a black bear ran out in front of her causing her to turn quickly and smack into a tree.
I thought the story was pretty good, of course, she added much more to it.
But when she got around to telling the truth I found it even better.
It wasn’t as glamorous as a bear and a tree but still very intriguing, entertaining, and more importantly, true!
We’re living in a time when many try to sugarcoat God’s message, making it more palatable and politically correct, as it were.
There seems to be a tendency towards making more of the Bible than needs to be made.
I have discovered that God’s word needs no embellishment from me.
There is nothing I can make up that can compare to the truth of the Bible.
As it is written, Your truth reaches to the clouds. Ps 108:4
That tells me that the Bible is full of “tall tales” and every one of them true.

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