For Such A Worm As I

IMG_0184Alas! And did my Savior bleed?
And did my Sovereign die?
Would he devote that sacred head
For such a worm as I?
That’s from the hymn At The Cross by Isaac Watts, written in 1885.
Some of the newer hymnals say For a sinner such as I, but I think it more scriptural to say worm.
David wrote a different hymn many years before Isaac Watts and said, “But I am a worm, and no man;” Ps 22:6
Yesterday I learned a lesson from the lowly worm and I was given the mind of Christ.
I looked down and saw him or her…maybe it; a small earthworm on the sidewalk.
It wasn’t making much headway as it struggle against the hard surface of the concrete.
I can only imagine how irritating that must have been to its sensitive skin.
Where was this worm going?
Most likely searching for dirt but little did it realize that the dirt was several feet away and soon the hot rays of the sun would be heating up the sidewalk, literally cooking the little worm.
From my vantage point I could see where the worm had come from and the direction it should be going but as much as I told the worm, “Go to the left…the left” it just did not understand.
After watching the worm for a few minutes I finally gently picked it up and laid it in the grass.
It wriggled underneath the green blades and down into the earth beneath.
Then it dawned on me that instant that I had the mind of Christ.
I was able to see things as God sees them for a few short minutes because I am that worm, struggling and not knowing my direction.
The way is hard, the way is rough, the way is difficult, and the way is hot.
Like the worm, I don’t know which way to turn.
I can only see the vast empty concrete around me.
But God, like me at that instant, can see all around.
He sees me struggle.
He sees the way I need to go.
He shouts “Go left, go left” but I do not understand Him.
Then He gently picks me up and sets me where I need to be.
There is much you can learn by just looking down and let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Phil 2:5
God gives the mind of Christ for such a worm as I.

3 thoughts on “For Such A Worm As I

  1. Blessings brother Tim. I do remimber a time when I was empressed to tell you to watch a bug. Perhaps this was it. What a wonderful way Father has of teaching us great and mighty truths. Isn’t it marvolus that we are and do as He would have us and don’t know it untill later when He opens our understanding to it. He doesn’t want a puppit on a string just those who will live surrendered lives to Him. I love Him. I know He loves me.


  2. Wow! what a Blessing to see things so clearly sometimes. Didn’t you feel blessed at the revelation of this small understanding. thank you for sharing this with us, I also shared this with some of the people I work with and it really got some good conversations started.
    Love & Prayers


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