He Knows What We Need

headscratchGod was with us yesterday, of course, He always is.
Four of us drove almost 4 hours to Fort Worth to look at Federal Surplus generators for the radio station.
We took a certified diesel mechanic with us to help determine the quality and condition of the engines.
We found 3 with low hours and would meet our needs.
Then we discovered a glitch in our plans for automated start and transfer.
We made a call back to Lufkin to talk to an electrician who wouldn’t commit to guaranteeing he could make it work, after all, he had not inspected the generators himself.
I made a call to our broadcast engineers in Tyler who gave me the number to a generator guru that lives in the DFW area.
I gave him a call and he was mere blocks away from our location.
He gave us the lowdown on the generators.
No doubt they are good machines but they are built in the early 80’s to military spec’s which means we may not be able to find replacement parts should something go wrong.
I believe this was the hand of God.
What are the chances that the one person we needed to really talk to was a few blocks away when we were 200 miles from home?
Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Phil 4:6 NLT

3 thoughts on “He Knows What We Need

  1. No, we decided it may cost us more in the long run if they begin having problems.
    Military stuff is different than Civilian stuff and we may not be able to get replacement parts.


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