Everything Supplied

For years pc’s users have been accustomed to having an email program included in the Windows operating system.
Most of the time is was Outlook Express.
With the installation of Microsoft Word suite you ended up with Microsoft Outlook, but that suite would cost you.
Outlook Express was a free, simple program to use for pc based email.
Many chose to use a web-based email like Yahoo, Gmail, or something else; I didn’t.
Linda and I always used Outlook Express, the free email program that came with Windows.
While setting up the new computer, which has Windows 7 on it, I noticed a complete lack of an email program.
A little investigation reveals that an email program is not included in 7.
What a rip!
Now I have to find a free mail program to download or switch over to the one included with Word, though Linda doesn’t care for that one.
I don’t know what brainy person at Microsoft decided to exclude something so essential as a free basic email program but if you want to make your company the best then you need to model after the best and that’s God!
By the way, this bit of advice is good for everyone.
God is able to include in His “package” all of the essentials you will ever need.
Included is salvation (free), Holy Spirit (free), ability to pray (free), answer to prayer (free), fellowship with other believers (free), reading the Word (free), prophecy (free), evangelism (free), teaching (free), pastor (free), and many other FREE gifts.
God put it this way; my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19

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