The Family

Last night Linda and I drove 2 hours to the visitation for our son-in-law’s mom, who passed away a few days ago.
Of course there were all kinds of people there we didn’t know and a few we vaguely remember from Jeff’s dad’s funeral.
However we did strike up a conversation with one young man that often travels to our area quite often and listens to me on the radio.
Sooner or later every conversationalist will end up talking about their family…and we all did!
The word “dysfunctional” was bantered around a few times between 4 of us; then someone else entered the room on the tail end of the conversation.
“We’re talking about our dysfunctional family”, someone said and the new conversationalist says, “Well let me tell you about this…”
Every family is different and then every family is the same.
There is always someone mad at someone else, he did wrong, she left the area, he won’t talk to her, every time they get together it’s a knock-down-drag-out, and on and on.
In my own family, divorce between my parents has robbed all three of us.
Bitterness and unforgiveness has kept us from being together; it has prevented either of my parents from really seeing my 2 girls grow up and now it’s extended to my grand children, which are their great-grand children.
Telephone calls are few and visits are less than that.
It is true what the Bible says those who bring trouble on their families inherit only the wind. Prov 11:29

3 thoughts on “The Family

  1. Dysfunction in familys is the norm now. It is rare and abnormal to find a loving caring family anywhere. And it’s within the family of the Creator of family. What happened to the concept of exhausting every effort to make a thing work? Enduring to the end? Longsuffering? Yes it is had even painful. But hey, excepting Christ as personal Savior is not a way out of life’s troubles either. We are garented if we indure we’ll have the victory! Even an eternal victory.


  2. Hey Tim. Just dropping by and checking out your latest blog. Ya know if we all had perfect families what fun would this life be. LOL I’ve learned to just take it all with a grain of salt and laugh most of it off. Enjoyed the conversation in Palestine the other nite despite the circumstances for our prescence there. I’ll be rolling thru that way Tues so keep it rockin… Matt


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