It Is Finished (for now)

Last night I caulked the shower for a final time, picked up the tools, cleaned up the floor, wiped down the lavatory, put all tools in storage, and cleaned up my construction mess outside.
I’m calling it finished!
Of course, I thought that the other night but the shower leaked in 1 place, hence the re-caulking.
I’m going to let it cure until tomorrow before I give it a test run; but I’m calling it finished.
However, that can never be an honest statement.
The bath will still need to be cleaned from time to time; and over the years other repairs will probably need to be done as things wear out.
Look around your own home at the little things that need to be done or that big project that you just can’t seem to get him off the couch to do!
Linda likes the little bath so much she wants me to redo ours.
Can a catch my breath?
Besides, it only took me 2 years to get started on the last one.
Painting, plastering, firewood, framing, destruction, and construction; it never ends.
In all my years I’ve only found one person that when the job was finished, he was finished!
It is written He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. John 19:30
What did He do next?
He has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Heb 12:2
He sat down!
He was finished!
I have another bath to do…and some flooring…a mirror needs hanging…my work shed is a mess…
It never ends down here!
BTW, if you want to look at some before and after pictures, visit my Facebook page.
Of course, you’ll have to become a friend but I won’t mind!

2 thoughts on “It Is Finished (for now)

  1. Useing the definition of the word friend as Christ used it… a friend is rare and everso precious. A friend will take the blow and forgive. They will be honest to their own hurt. They will go out of their way for you. Most importantly of all, the bigest thing, is they will heartly pray for you. “Friend” is a labor of love. I can see where that would bless God’s heart. I have some supper friends. I want more. Your friend Arlene


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