The Right Direction

I pondered the direction of my life, and I turned to follow your statutes. Ps 119:59 NLT
I decided to change the church sign yesterday.
Sometimes I like to come up with my own sayings and yesterday was one of those days.
It says
Lost? Get a GPS!
G od’s
P lan of
S alvation
As a Geocacher, I use a gps quite a bit.
It always points the way to the geocache but I’m the one that has to get to it.
Roads, streams, mountains, swamps, and buildings may all be between the cache and me and I must work my way around these things; the whole time the gps points the way.
Sometimes when I get to the GZ (ground zero) I may not find the cache, even with a hint.
So I may call another cacher that has already been there to give me a little more advice.
This can confirm that the cache is indeed there or missing.
The Bible does the same thing; it points the way to God.
There can be many obstacles to overcome to get to God.
And there are times you need the help of a friend to help you find God.
If you’re looking for the right direction, I’m going to point you to Jesus.
Believe that He gave His life for you in death; was buried, is risen from the dead and is sitting at the right hand of God on our behalf.
Accept this and ask Him to forgive you of your sin, come into your heart, mind, and spirit and save you.
He will!
And your life will take a new and better direction.

2 thoughts on “The Right Direction

  1. I have found that I want ,NEED, Jesus so much in my day. Used to be I objected to being batized more that once. I thought once was enough to ask Him in. That’s true. But, and I love this, we can do it as many times as we want to. As long as the first time was true. Jesus makes Himself real so that we can be without doubt that He IS. And He cares for us. He forgives me when I realize & apoligize for my wrong doings. Such will cause a distance in our relationship if left undone. I claim JESUS over you, Tim.


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