Testimony: Thank you

Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. Phil 1:3 NLT
My second testimony is one of thanks!
There have been a few individuals over the years that have witnessed to me.
A young man name Quentin, who was Pentecostal through and through, but kept persisting in sharing the Gospel with me and warning me the path I walked led to hell.
He was quite a pest, God bless him!
There was Mark S.
Mark’s method of Gospel consisted of sitting right in front of me on the school bus and reading the Bible aloud.
I remember him sharing the same message with me that Philip did with the eunuch.
There was Steve, who handed me the tract that eventually led to my conviction of sin and prayer of salvation.
Steve died several years ago and I’m not sure I ever told him thanks. His life was quite different from mine as he was in the Hollywood movie scene.
I don’t know Quentin’s last name but I am going to start an Fb search for him and see if I can find out and find him.
Years ago I did an Internet search for Mark S. and found one involved with a Dallas-area ministry.
We emailed a few times and it was confirmed that he was THE Mark.
I told him who I was and said, “Thank you!”
I wanted him to know that the seed he planted had sprouted; I received Jesus as my Savior.
There was also a young man, whose name I absolutely do not remember, that witnessed to me poolside at motel in San Augustine.
How I thank God through Jesus Christ for each one of you. Rom 1:8 NLT
I wish I could find them all, as I did Mark, and tell them “Thank you!”
How about you?
Have you thanked those that helped lead you to Jesus?
What a great testimony this would be for them if you did.
It may be just what they need today!

One thought on “Testimony: Thank you

  1. I have endeavored all my born again days to let loved one know how much I appreciate them. Sometimes it means I must go the second mile. I have made a descion, and am waiting for Father to direct. It’s possablely the wrong way to handle this. It will affect alot of people. But those who effect my life will know from me. Yes, everyone should be aware of the effect they have on our lives. What you do here with your morning thoughts has blessed me…makes me think. Thank you brother.


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