See and hear what God has to say!

Linda and I have just returned from a pastor appreciation weekend getaway with our friends Steve and Kathy.
Our destinations included Broken Bow, Oklahoma and Beaver Bend State Park; then it was over to Oden, Arkansas where we stayed in a cabin on the Ouachita River.
It was a wonderful trip; very relaxing and very picturesque.
One of the high points of the trip was traveling the Talimena Scenic National Byway.
The Byway is a 50 mile route through the mountains of west Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma.
Though the colors of fall weren’t at the peak, there was plenty of God’s handiwork to look at.
There were plenty of other people on the Byway with us; motorcyclists, hikers, travelers in RV’s, other Texans, and many others.
I don’t know about the rest of those but our little group often made comments about what God had done.
We see His creativity in everything; the mountains, the rocks, the trees, the sky; everything!
There is a scripture I think of every time I get into the mountains; I will lift up my eyes to the hills — from whence comes my help? My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth. Ps 121:1-2
It’s not just a verse for the mountains and hills.
I try to see God in all things and to learn a lesson from Him each day in what He is doing and saying.
Take a look around you today and ask, “What are you showing me, Lord?”
See and hear what God has to say!

2 thoughts on “See and hear what God has to say!

  1. So many times I’ve prayer for salvation for others. Just yeaterday I changed that. I now ask ears be opened to hear even natures voice & to see the love of God all around. God’s mercy is given to us in so many ways, and we are unaware. He shares Himself with us but some are totaly blind to it. Thank God He doesn’t give up on us.


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