Cruise Observation

Last week, at this time, I was on a cruise. At this time of day (when I’m writing this morning) I had already gone up on deck to see what kind of day it was going to be and see if it was clear enough for a beautiful sunrise.
The cruise was aboard Carnival, which someone told me was a party cruise.
Indeed, it was.

Wherever you stopped on the ship it didn’t take long for a waiter to find you and ask if you wanted something from the bar. Being a Christian, I never order a thing; but plenty of others did.

I believe this is what keeps the price of the cruise so low. The colorful mixed drinks with fruit and little umbrellas went for a minimum of $9. I’ll be conservative and say that the average person had only 4 a day; and trust me, that is very conservative.
That would be $36 a day and $144 for the cruise.
With 2600 passengers that’s over $374,000.
I was very conservative in my estimate. I watched many drink one after another after another. It would be conceivable that the ship made over 1/2 a million dollars on drinks, which included wine and beer.
One lady at church told me of a man that had used up $500 on his ship card the first day on drinks, whether for himself or buying a round for others. You just can’t afford that for an entire trip!

A friend told me that their cost to cruise on the Music Boat was triple in comparison to my cruise. Music boat is a Christian cruise with Christian bands and some preachers or teachers on board. There is no alcohol and so, without that extra income, the cost goes up. The porters that work the Music Boat really appreciate the fact that there are no drunks to help to a room, no vomit to clean up, and no horrible behavior.

I’m reminded what the Bible says in Prov 20:1 – Wine produces mockers; alcohol leads to brawls. Those led astray by drink cannot be wise.
There were many on-board that thought they could not have a good time without a drink in their hand.
I had a great time without in. I reveled in every sunrise and sunset. I rejoiced in each cloud that floated by or fish that jumped from the water. I watched in amazement at flocks of birds flying so far from land.

I encourage you to stay away from drinking. It’s a cost you really can’t afford in more ways than one. And the best part is when you take your cruise you’ll be able to remember the whole thing like me. (and there won’t be any embarrassing pictures of you!)

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