The Election

Yesterday was Election Day.

My polling place happens to be my church. Linda and I always go vote right before the polls close so I can lock up the church.

Yesterday I was the last person to vote – #104. There are around 350 voters in this precinct and I was number 104.

Evidently voters did not see this as an important election. Let it be a presidential year and many more will turn out to vote.

Give diligence to make your calling and election sure. 2 Peter 1:10

The church I was raised in was a small country church. One thing I remember is there were 168 on the church roll but only about 40 or 50 ever came to church, that is, unless it was Mother’s Day or Homecoming.

It seems the elect of God are like the electorate of the country – only show up at self-determined important times.

I also remember that if there was some dissension over the pastor and it was time for a business meeting, that people I had not seen in church for years would show up for the vote.

I do not believe any of this is pleasing to the Lord.

He gave us the fellowship of His church so we could grow in faith and knowledge.
He gave us His word so we could read and learn more about Him.
He gave us each other to encourage and be encouraged; to pray with and pray for, and for accountability.

The American voter should show more concern about the election of government officials in the country.
Likewise, God’s people should be more diligent to show their calling and election by being more involved in church, Bible study, and fellowship.

Abba, I vote for church. I choose fellowship and Bible study. I elect to follow Jesus. YES&AMEN

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