I remember a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman dropped by our house one time and demonstrated a Rainbow.

He demonstrated how this little marvel of technology would change our lives.

The contraption had a water basin, which caught the dirt and dust that was sucked into this watery vortex. The demonstration showed us how the clear pristine tap water turned an icky black after a quick pass over the carpet.

But he wasn’t through. He then showed us how you could put fresh water back into the basin with a few drops of an aromatic liquid, turn on the machine, and allow the heavenly fragrance to permeate your home.

My wife looked at me and said she wanted this vacuum cleaner. It was quite expensive at the time but he persuaded us to set up a payment plan.

That was probably thirty years ago and I saw pieces of the marvelous Rainbow vacuum cleaner in the barn over the weekend.

Now this I say lest anyone should deceive you with persuasive words. Col 2:4

There are many persuasive words surrounding you today. Persuasive words from ministries, politicians, news media, teachers, and salesmen.

Persuasive words may lead you to buy a product, vote for someone, or send you child to a private school.

Persuasive words can also lead you away from God. It was persuasive words and deceit that led the Galatians away from the true Gospel.

The good news is you have a Bible to compare what others say to what God says!

Read and know the truth.
Read and recognize deceit and persuasive words!

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