God’s Reveal Party

And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus. Luke 1:31

Revealing parties are all the rage these days. I’ve been a part of three different ones. There are different ways to reveal the gender of the expected bundle of joy. I’ve seen pink and blue balloons, cake, silly string, confetti, cookies, piñata, and a lot of other ways.

A revelation of gender makes giving the baby a name much easier. You can stick with just a boy or girl name.

When Linda was expecting we had no idea what we would have. I chose boy names and Linda chose the girl.
She was right!
The same was true for our parents.

God had His own gender reveal party.
Go back 2000 years and you find a very young girl being told that she will conceive by the Holy Spirit, have a Son, and call Him Jesus.
How convenient is that?

With her Son being the Son of God she may have had an idea of what He would dedicate His life’s work.
She was probably familiar with the old prophecies of the coming Messiah. Being of the lineage of David, as was her fiancé, she could readily see that being fulfilled.
Did she know of the fate that awaited Him on that Passover some 33 years later?
Did she realize what would happen three days and nights after that?

Probably not. She was just soaking in the idea of carrying and giving birth. To hold her little baby and rock Him to sleep. To watch Him roll over for the first time or take His first steps. The joy to hear Him call her, “Momma!”
To read Him to sleep at night.
She would just soak in and revel in the time they have together.

I pray that the Savior will reveal Himself to you this Christmas. I pray you will experience all the grace and forgiveness, joy and peace that He has to offer you.

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