Christ and President's

If you want a real, born-again, sold-out-for-Jesus, Christian president – you’re probably not going to get one.
Though I have heard many things about the faith of the President’s, very few were sold out, very open and adamant about their faith in Christ.
But then very few people are!
Many politicians will claim some form of Christian religion but most are just half-hearted in their living for Christ.

I’m not saying we need a televangelist for president but it would be nice to see someone lead the nation in prayer and seek God in making the decisions that affect all of us.

A look at the kings of Israel shows how many served God and how many didn’t! Many were half-hearted in their devotion too, while others actually introduced or practiced idolatry.

The Old Testament often mentions the sins of Jeroboam, who sinned and who made Israel sin. 1 Kings 14:16
That phrase is giving in connection with several other kings but it always references the sins of Jeroboam.
Even kings like David and Solomon had their sins which plagued them.

In the days of Jesus, the king was Herod. At one point Jesus was talking about Herod and said, “Go, tell that fox…” Luke 13:32

I was asked last night whether or not I would vote for Donald Trump.
He has said some things that have disturbed me; not just about his faith either!
Donald is not a politician, which is refreshing. But he is a multi-millionaire and businessman with no filter on what he says.
In my opinion, he has said some things that needed to be said – things we all thought but no politician would say or address.
Then again he has said some things that were pretty offensive.

My duty as a Christian is to seek God’s guidance in my vote and then pray for whoever may end up in the Whitehouse.

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