Then the disciples took him by night and let him down through the wall in a large basket. Acts 9:25

No one is trying to kill me for being a Christian. That’s not the case all around the world.
In America persecution consists of not being allowed to pass out Bibles or pray in public.
In other places Christian’s are tormented, tortured, imprisoned, or killed.

I live in a country where many ministers get on TV and spout a blessed life of wealth and prosperity, while they jet around the country with this message in between times of recreation and relaxing in their million dollar homes.
No one is trying to kill them either.

But the message and the public reaction was very different in the early days of Christianity.
The Apostle Paul was often sought out by his adversaries. They often schemed to kill him, which is still a possibility for many Christian’s in countries around the world.

The idea of being lowered in a basket is their reality.
They meet in secret. They smuggle God’s word from place to place.
Their prosperity is the fact they have a Bible or a church group to meet with.
Their prosperity is in owning a radio to receive Biblical teaching programs in their own language.

Pray for the persecuted church!

Though I am not advocating that you sign up or support anything, I did want to provide some links so you can read about persecution of believers around the world.

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