Nation against [the same] Nation

For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. Mark 13:8

The following is from one of my best high school friends. When I read it, I thought of the scripture.

My eldest was assaulted tonight here in Milo’s Meadow, Texas. (Cypress Bend, which is NW of Houston).
He stopped in at the local Lowe’s to purchase drain cleaner to unstop the washing machine drain. When heading for the for the cashier, an apparently disgruntled Trump-hater came up from behind and shoved him, calling him an [expletive] racist, Trump supporting pig.
Racist? Have you seen the cross-section of our family?
Eldest strongly urged disgruntled one to step away several times, but he continued to approach until he punched Eldest one in the face.
Not satisfied with landing one glancing blow, Disgruntled got close enough for Eldest to get in a punch of his own, knocking Disgruntled to his bum…whereupon Eldest restrained the disgruntled hooligan until a uniformed, off-duty officer in the store, hearing the commotion, ran up and ultimately facilitated the arrest of the hooligan, called for back-up and EMS. My son – he’s OK
What identified Eldest as a Trump supporter?
We don’t know – his cowboy hat and a Carhartt jacket?
Is he really a Trump supporter?
Disgruntled assumed as much…
I thank God the officer was there, I thank God for the angel watching over Eldest tonight and the many other times he has been uselessly assaulted.
I took my Trump sticker off my car tonight.

I have heard that particular scripture about nation against nation most of my life. I just never thought it would be contained within the same nation.
Whether you like it or not –admit it or not, you live in a divided nation.
What can bring US together?
Politics and legislation has never accomplished it.
Nothing mankind has done in thousands and thousands of years has accomplished it.
In my opinion, only Jesus can bring us together, when we allow Him to fully live in our lives and trust the Holy Spirit to direct our steps.

2 thoughts on “Nation against [the same] Nation

  1. Thinking on Mark 13:8 really answers a lot of the questions we have been asking. My desire through all of this is that Christ’s light will be shed through us. We are not as different as the devil would have us believe..


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