My love – My life!

Behold, you are fair, my love! Behold, you are fair! Song of Solomon 4:1

It is the love song of the Bible. It expresses the longing between King Solomon and a Shulamite woman on their honeymoon.
As stated in the first verse, it is the song of songs.

Solomon describes the beauty of his bride in ways I would not describe my wife. Perhaps the description was acceptable in his days but I do not think my wife would be flattered.

Solomon said his brides eyes were like those of a dove. Well, that’s not so bad.
However her hair is described as a flock of goats running down a hillside.
Keeping with the animal analogy, he sees a flock of sheep when he looks at her teeth – each one with twins!
A red thread for lips and pomegranate for temples!
Probably the one that excels all the rest is describing her neck like the armory tower of Jerusalem.

I’m sure this is all flattering to the young woman but seeing how it is our 38th anniversary today, I’ll just describe my wife, Linda, as the love of my life.
She is a gift from God just for me.
She is half of me. Being without her is like being without my right arm and leg.
She stands beside me in marriage and ministry.
What I lack she has! She is my complement.
I don’t remember life without her – it seems she has always been with me, even though I know that is not so.
I know I have not always been easy to live with but she has stuck with me through it all.
She has kept her vow to God and to me.
I bless her in Jesus’ name!

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