Walking in love and love walking!

This is love, that we walk according to His commandments. This is the commandment, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it. 2 John 6

Must you love walking in order to walk?
It would seem that makes it a more pleasant experience.
Therefore it seems to me that you must love God to enjoy walking by faith.
Loving God is the only way you would love to walk in His commandments.
The scripture indicates that living by His word is love.
I love reading His word. I love going to church. I love praise and worship. I love preaching and teaching.

These things did not happen overnight. It wasn’t love at first sight.
It’s like my marriage.
I loved Linda the day we married. But over the years that love has grown because I got to know her more. I accepted her ways, which often were different from my own. I changed a few of my ways to make her happy. And she accepted a few of my ways that I did not change.
Today I love her more than that wedding day in 1979.

I don’t really love walking. It’s takes time to walk. I often sweat. I get thirsty.
Yet if I get started walking and continue I begin to love the smell of the outdoors, the songs of the birds, and the sound of my own feet upon the pavement.
Then I feel and see the reward of walking – feeling good and losing weight.

The benefits of walking by faith far outnumber the advantages of physical walking.

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