Bless the Spare!

The blessing of the Lord makes one rich and He adds no sorrow with it. Prov 10:22

It started as Mary walked into work yesterday. She dropped by my office and thanked [the staff] for the card.
Her little dog have fallen gravely ill and was scheduled to be put to sleep. But Mary reported the dog had improved slightly over the weekend but the inevitable would happen.
She told stories of the little dog and cried a bit.
As we talked a new post on Facebook caught my eye – I will say goodbye to my daughter today. My heart is broke.
That broke my heart to read.
Mary read over my shoulder and said, “I have no problems!”

Each of us should realize that we are incredibly rich in blessings.
I have a few problems with a roof and a vehicle but those are repairable.

You often compare your blessings to that of someone else. You may look at someone who is rich and believe how poor you are.
It is just as easy for you to look at someone who is poor and realize how rich you really are!
No one has the promise of a status quo life. It comes with smiles and frowns. But it is you that has control over your face to smile or frown.
Life comes with flat tires but you can bless the day for a spare.

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