Benefit of the doubt!

Do not receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses. 1 Tim 5:19

There is an accusation against a church deacon for misappropriating church funds. Someone makes a post on Facebook. It’s commented on and shared over and over.
The deacon’s reputation is ruined and church attendance begins to fall.
Now here is what happened: a family drove up to the church needing some financial help. They spoke to the deacon about it. The deacon had only a hundred dollar bill in his wallet.
He went to the offering plate and exchanged the bill for the equivalent in smaller bills. As he turned from the offering plate, Sister Nosierthanyou was standing in the back of the church and witnessed him carrying money from the plate.
She knew nothing about the family or the exchange. But she knew what she saw!

In this time of social media, you find fake stories and accusations of all types. No one is immune – from the President down to a common laborer.
It does not make it true if you read it on a website or Facebook. For the record, it does not make it false either!
I know how rumors and falsities travel, gather momentum, and wreck havoc along the way.

Paul’s advice to Timothy is still great wisdom for today.
Never accept one source as total truth when someone is accused. All it takes is one person misunderstanding something said or a misinterpretation of an action.
There are times I misunderstood someone believing they said one thing but were talking about something completely different.

When it comes to social media, sources need checking. If you see it multiple times but it’s from the same originating source that is not two or three witnesses. Sharing and re-posting does not count!
Give people the benefit of the doubt.

3 thoughts on “Benefit of the doubt!

  1. +I know a little girl who told the police she had been beat with a board with a nail in it and that she suffered a broken bone. There was never a medical exam. The young man was arrested. Charges were dropped but it was never settled. I believe the child was put up to it. Had it gone to court the mother would have gone to jail for her deception. Yes, we all should want to hear from other witness’. Even wait a bit for the truth will come out.


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