What matters most!

He drew me out of many waters. Ps 18:16

Last Friday night Hurricane Harvey made landfall at Rockport, Texas. Though the weather reporters warned of the rain to come, there is no way anyone could envision the disaster that followed.
The affects of the flooding in the Houston area included my own family.
My Aunt Jo Ann lives in Dickinson, between Houston and Galveston. Dickinson became the focal point Sunday as many rescues took place.
People came from everywhere and launched their boats on the downtown streets of the city.
One such Good Samaritan rescued my Aunt and took her to safety.

Disasters have a way of bringing out the best in people. Strangers helping strangers, all pulling together to saved lives.
My wife made some observations.
No one is marching and protesting.
No one is tearing down a statue.
The police are not using tear gas.
No one is hurling racial slurs.
It’s just the opposite! We see people of different colors and races working together in this disaster.
Perhaps when this is over, we can all stand on the edge of the receding waters and praise God for the kindness of a neighbor or a stranger. We can thank the Lord for bringing us together and showing us what is most important – each other!

2 thoughts on “What matters most!

  1. This is what happens. Goodness, & compassion comes from most every one, even for the animals. When it’s all over people rejoice. Some stand ready to do it again. others forget & go back to what they were before. One thing I am sure of is that my God turns the bad for good. Nay sayers will see our president in action with compassion shortly. Hopefully it will be enough for them to see they were wrong about him.


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