Deceived – Part 5

Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.” 1 Cor 15:33

Many years ago we took our trash to an unmonitored, community landfill. It did not matter the kind or amount of trash you had, you could throw it all away there.
This also allowed people to go through the trash for recyclables and other items.
No matter how clean you wanted to stay if you saw something down in the pit you wanted, you were going to get filthy trying to retrieve it.
Often a fire was started and burned the combustible items and creating a sooty environment for the dump scavengers.
I recall backing up to the pit one day to toss some trash into it. I tossed the bag and saw movement close to where it hit. A sooty face with two wide and white eyes stared up at me yelling, “Look out now!”
It was a local woman looking for useable things. She was so dirty I did not see her until she looked up.
If you dig in the trash you will get dirty and smelly.
Do not be deceived, the same is true when you keep company with evil people – their habits affect you!

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