Ready for Revival

Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that He may send Jesus Christ, who was preached to you before, Acts 3:19-20

I want revival!
I want it for myself! I want it for my wife! I want it for my family! I want it for my church.
Revival needs to spread beyond our small group to the surrounding area and beyond.
Revival is for those repentant individuals having accepted Jesus as Savior. It is a time of refreshing.
It begins with seeking God on a personal level; though it often envelopes an entire congregation.
Starting Sunday morning, my church has four guest speakers to share what God is doing.
Ralph Nicol is our missionary in Mexico, as he calls it. He has witnessed many miracles over his years and shares these testimonies and the Gospel with us twice a year.
Kola Emiola comes from Ibaden, Nigeria. I have not met him but he is a friend of a pastor friend, Rick Russell. Kola experiences and sees God from a different viewpoint than most of us, as he is from Africa, where God is doing a great, great work.
Rick Russell pastors Grace Church in San Augustine. Rick just returned from his own mission trip to Pakistan, where the lame received healing, demons cast out, and a reported 360,000 accepted Jesus as Savior.
Jeremiah Moss is pastor of Life Church in Nacogdoches. Jeremiah loves God and loves people. He and his wife were recently involved in a car accident. God used the accident to show His grace, mercy, and healing power.
I do not know what each of these men will speak about other than about Jesus!

If you are in the area please join us at Crossroads Christian Center Church, HWY103 @ FM 1277, just north of Broaddus.

Ralph Nicol – Sunday, Oct 29th 11am.
Kola Emiola – Sunday, Oct 29th, 6pm.
Rick Russell – Monday, Oct 30th, 7pm.
Jeremiah Moss – Tuesday, Oct 31st, 7pm.
Jeremiah Moss – Wednesday, Nov 1st 7pm.

One thought on “Ready for Revival

  1. Wow. I also love our missionarys. Bro. Jeremiah from Africa has built an orphanage with American $$$ & lots of love, Men from different churchs have gone back with him to help build the buildings. And Bro, Nicol from Mexico. He tells us of remote places and other wise hard to reach people that come to Christ. It is a gift of God to walk in other countries boldly without fear and shut down (case out) the evil demons. Many years ago the Lord made it clear that was not my ministry. I am so glad there are men & women saying yes to His call and allow God to equip them for the work.


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