He sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God; and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper. 2 Chron 26:5

You want to prosper. You want to prosper in your marriage. You want to prosper in business. You want to prosper financially. You want to prosper physically. Hopefully, you want to prosper spiritually.
Uzziah became king when he was 16 years old and he prospered as long as he sought the Lord.
This is how he did it from the story found in 2 Chronicles.
Vss 6-8 tell that he prospered in pushing away ungodly influence.
He tore down enemy influence by tearing down their walls, he took up the cause of God against the enemy, and he took back from them by taking their tribute.
Vss 9-10 show how he prospered in people care.
He built towers, which gave the people something to recognize, kept them from getting lost and together as family. He dug wells providing water, supplied food, and fed others.
Vss 11-15 indicates he prospered in protection.
He protected with like-minded people, men of valor, that agreed with his plans. He protected with the right weapons. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight and you don’t fight a spiritual battle with physical weaponry.
He protected with the help of others, like the skillful men that helped advance the success of the nation.

I know when you hear the word prosperity, you often thing about money. However, God made Uzziah to prosper with no mention of money.
Your prosperity begins when you push away ungodly influence out of your life, love others, and surround yourself with other believers.

2 thoughts on “Prosperity

  1. Pastor Swanson, I’d like you to be praying for me, please. God keeps giving me hints, pokes, and outright nudges about teaching people who desparately need it in other countries such as Ecuador and the Dominican Republic to spin, knit and/or weave. I figure if He keeps popping it up in front of me, that He might be wanting to get my attention and that I should pay attention.

    There have been very successful programs begun in African countries among the poorest of the poor. Tho I can’t remember where exactly, an article in Spin Off magazine talked about teaching knitting to a group of African ladies. Several spinning wheels and a drum carder were donated along with other tools such as knitting needles. These women have learned to spin, dye and knit and create stuffed animals that they sell on a website worldwide.

    The end result is that now thier standard of living has improved. This has gained them health care, education and homes. They have built a school for thier children, a church to worship in, and houses that are stronger and more durable. Thier children are well fed and thier entire community has vastly improved.

    If this can be done in African villages with fat tailed sheep, then surely a program like this can be started in Ecuador where young girls are rescued out of human trafficking and drugs. They have safe houses built as fortresses where these teenagers are held to resocialize them and encourage them to choose a better life once they are free. Having some skills in a country where alpaca fiber is common should hopefully point them in a more productive direction, rather than gravitating back to thier pimps and selling themselves.

    I am looking at instituting such a program either in the Dominican Republic with Pastor Radhames’s village or in Ecuador. I hope to work with the people who have already been going to these places and with thier help, do some preliminary research, some fund raising, get the necessary tools, and travel there to teach or teach people in teams who will be going there if I can’t.

    This is a huge endeavor and it may take years to set it all up for both of these places. I’d appreciate your prayers to God concerning all this. These are skills that can be directly life changing and I hope for God’s hand on it all to prosper.


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