Memorable Scripture: Where were you – where are you?

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding.” Job 38:4

God finally breaks His silence and speaks to Job. His question is one that many of today’s scientist, evolutionists, atheists, and agnostics need asking.
The only One that saw the beginning of creation is God. No human being existed at that moment.
God gave this story to Moses, who wrote the account for our benefit in the first of five books – Genesis.
Many theories and ideas exist on the origin of man. But which of those propagating the ideas were present to see it happen?
Not one.
God’s question stands, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding.”
Certainly, these many theories can make sense and seem logical. However, I’m afraid those that make these theories try to fit creation into a box they design.
Remember you can put a washing machine in a refrigerator box but that doesn’t make it a refrigerator, just because it fits in the box.
Only God has a right to tell us about creation. In the account, He told the truth because He cannot lie.
That doesn’t mean He told us every minute detail, after all, the creation account only takes in less than three chapters of Genesis.
God finishes by asking this question, “Shall the one who contends with the Almighty correct Him? He who rebukes God, let him answer it.” Job 40:2
The question I ask you is “Where are you?”
Have you found your place in God’s creation?
Do you live as He created mankind – to fellowship and glorify Him?
Have you accepted the sacrifice of Christ for your salvation?
Where are you?

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