Memorable Scripture: God is Greater

Look now at the behemoth, which I made along with you; Job 40:15

This is where I disagree with many scholars and commentators. I’ve read of material about the behemoth, which is a large quadruped.
Some believe it is a hippopotamus or elephant.
I think it is something much larger, perhaps what we might call a dinosaur.
Consider what is written about this animal.
He eats grass like an ox.
He has powerful hips and legs.
He eats quite a large amount.
His tail is like a cedar tree, which is not like a hippo or elephant.
He is all muscle with strong bones.
He drinks a river of water.
This does not sound like a hippopotamus or elephant to me.
Why didn’t the Bible just call it a dinosaur?
The reason is the King James Version translation was completed in 1611 and the word dinosaur was created 200 years later.
King James could not use a word that did not exist at the time.

I don’t give into the Hollywood version of dinosaurs. If they were big so were people.
Mankind has a way of overcoming obstacles.
The American Indians hunted bison and bears with spears and arrows.
Young Maasai men would enter the rites of manhood as a warrior after killing a lion.
I have no doubt that men took down those large quadrupeds too.

Job knew this beast and respected its size and strength. But God reminds Job that the behemoth is a part of creation just like him. Though the creature is great and mighty, God is greater.
He’s more awesome than the largest mountain range.
He’s more spectacular than the brightest, distant star.
He is more magnificent than the mysteries of the oceans.
God is greater than all creation and yet He knows all about you.
In all the massive expansion of the universe, He took time to die for you.
God is greater than the universe but what is greater than His love.

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