Memorable Scripture: Taste & See

Psalms 34:8
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good;

One of my favorite verses from the Psalms.
There are many foods I would not eat, yet, some have tricked me into eating those foods.
I remember the time when I was a kid, the neighbor brought over something deep fried and golden brown. My parents asked, “What is it?” She wouldn’t say until after we tried it.
It was delicious and tasted like some sort of seafood.
It was Stingray.
One taste and I realized it was good.
That is how it is with God.
I recall a time I wanted nothing to do with Him. Actually, I boasted to a young man about going to hell, as he tried to witness to me about salvation.
I thought becoming a Christian would lead to a boring life.
I thought it would take away any fun in my life.
I was wrong!
I tasted what God offered and saw it was good.

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