Memorable Scripture: Humbled by fasting

Psalms 35:13
I humbled myself with fasting;

I’ve written much in the past about fasting. Doing a search on “fasting” reveals quite a few.
Fasting is a way to deny something you consider important to your life, like food.
I believe in fasting, although I don’t fast nearly enough. Jesus did some major fasting, as did Moses, Elijah, and Daniel.
Jesus also spoke about fasting and how many of the religious elite of His time fasted for the sake of fasting and receiving pity from their friends. In other words, they had the wrong idea.
He spoke of the prayer of a religious man that said, “I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all that I possess.” Luke 18:12
However, the man did not humble himself. He boasted about not being like other men, even a nearby tax collector.
True humility before God denies self-importance.

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