Memorable Scripture: Pride – it’s lonely at the bottom.

Proverbs 16:18
Pride goes before destruction,
And a haughty spirit before a fall.

The only person that likes pride is the person that speaks and lives it. The rest of us find it a little off-putting.

Pride comes in many forms.
Some take credit for things out of their control or exaggerate the outcome to show their self-importance.
The recent election is a great example of this. When a winner declares a landslide victory and reality shows they won by a few thousand votes – that is pride.

Another form of pride is talking about your life when someone else is talking about theirs.
I’ll admit having done this but I have really tried to stop. When someone is talking about their problems, their health, or their struggles, that is not the time to talk about your problems, health, or struggles. It sounds like a prideful bragging contest where my problems are bigger than yours. This belittles the first person and says, “Your problems aren’t important!”
Let the other person speak and offer a prayer or humble advice if they want it.

Pride leads to destruction because it is based on the ideas of an individual, not a majority and certainly not God.
Pride often begins with “I will”, “I am”, or “I have”!

Now I believe certain forms of pride are acceptable. If you work hard and complete a project, I think you should take pride in your work. If you make an “A” on a test, take pride in your studies.
Be proud of your accomplishments but humbly give thanks to those helping you along the way. You really didn’t do it alone!

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